The Running Chronicles – I

And yet another year dawns upon me bringing with it the queries of life, the questions about those nauseating highs and dung-filled lows, the tyranny of seldom-kept resolutions and the unwelcome associated guilt that hits you hard when they are broken bringing the entire exercise to naught.  Anyway, coming to the point I have had a habit of making resolutions, a miniscule of them attainable, most being as a meme would suggest,

The common part about all these resolutions is that I have succeeded in keeping none of them.  This year I have come to the conclusion that I need to become healthy, a resolution bordering on the “IMPOSSIBRU”.

After being unable to wake up in the morning for two days on the trot, I am almost on the verge of giving up. Anyway, Adhok after paining me enough has made me register for the 10k Auroville run on February 12th. Right now, I can jog a maximum of 1.1 kms at a stretch before I run out of breath. From my hostel till Elec Department. Tomorrow, my training schedule states I have to run 4kms. Sigh. Keeping my fingers crossed. The main purpose of recording this here is so that I can shame myself into running if I ever stop again.

PS: After much contemplation, I have decided that I should increase my blogging frequency, given that I hardly have anything to do this semester.   Around 5 posts per month is my current aim.  Let’s see how things pan out.

Update: Finally. Jogged 4kms. Or rather jogged for 3.3kms and walked 0.7kms. From hostel till Velachery gate continuously. Walked from there till BT-department-turning. Jogged again till the hostel. I am quite sure that I will have sore legs today. Day after tomorrow, I am supposed to run 5.2kms. OMAIGAWD.


5 thoughts on “The Running Chronicles – I

  1. Akshatha says:

    5.some..whaaa? Way to go man!
    Full role model and all for some people who prefer Scooty to a twenty-minute walk.

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