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Episode 1: Three men on a trip (And to say nothing of Samaadhi)

It has been more than a month since the end of the trip and in spite of having nothing to do, I have successfully managed to procrastinate writing an account on the trip to Rajasthan and a few places beyond.  As I will never be able to finish this post in one sitting I have decided to release it in form of episodes.

Here is my account of Day 0.

Principal Characters:  Me , Gel aka Sadie, Kothari, and of course Sweetie Patutie aka Pattu/Patwa

Guest Characters:  Nikhil, Pallavi, Kedawat, Arpit and Nupur

Day 0 – Ahmedabad


After packing my bags within 20 minutes, I gave a call to Kothari, who assured me that he will be at the back gate within 5 minutes.  Of course, it was Kothari’s definition of 5 minutes.  After, what looked like an unreasonably long time, Gel and Kothari straddled without a care in the world.  We got into the auto and I whipped out my camera, only to be met with groans of exasperation from Gel, who started calling me “Chom”.  I think Gel’s vocal cord more or less got stuck at that word, reminding us of an old gramophone record which refuses to move unless prodded.  Here is how a typical conversation with Gel goes –

A:  Dude, can you pass me the water bottle?

G:  S***w you da, chom b****rd, what chomness is this?  Take it yourself, you chom.

A:  Dei, it is right next to you.

G: So?  Don’t be chom about it bey.  Come here and take.

A:  Dude, I have fractured my leg and can’t move man. [Hypothetical]

G:  Ha!! Who asked you to go in that chom vehicle and get into an accident with that chom guy.  You deserve this, you chom b****rd.

A:  Fine.

[A gets up and limps to take the bottle]

G:  [Under his breath]  Chom b****rd.

I am quite sure, Gel’s reaction on seeing this post will be – “Thu..So much chomness in the post.

Patutie, Pallavi and Nikhil were already at the bus stand, waiting for us.  After the customary chiding of Patwa for his long feminine eyelashes, we got into the bus, which seemed as if it was designed to look more like a drug den than a bus to sleep in.  After a while, I gave up trying to take photos in the moving bus with my newly acquired, scarcely used camera as I felt others were trying their best to conceal the urge to punch my face.  Ruing at the ungrateful world around me, I lied down to sleep only for the bus to jump a couple of feet as the driver channeled the spirit of Senna and seemed determined to crash his way to another world.  I was just about to doze off only to be rudely interrupted by Gel’s snoring.  Deeming that I was not going to sleep anytime soon, I started going through old Whatsapp messages only for the phone to run out of battery.  Sighing, I closed my eyes and tried my best to sleep.